Download and install the FULL PACKAGE below. Then just download any JAGUAR.EXE update when available.



Unzip the JAGUAR LITE Full Package in any desired folder on your hard disk or on a USB stick and run JAGUAR.EXE. However, do not install JAGUAR LITE in any Windows OS controlled folders such as C:\Program Files! We recommend you install it in a folder of its own such as C:\JAGUAR. 

Upon installation, no data will be written to the Windows registry or elsewhere by default.

If you want to use JAGUAR LITE for live listening with the Perseus SDR, make sure that:

  • you have installed the WINUSB drivers on your PC. These drivers come with your Perseus receiver and they can also be downloaded from the Perseus homepage. Please refer to the Perseus User Manual for installation instructions.
  • you have PERSEUSUSB.DLL and the file named '' in the JAGUAR LITE installation folder.

If you are familiar with MESTOR (= a standalone recorder for the Perseus SDR) and want JAGUAR LITE to take care of your scheduled recordings, just copy the scripts from your existing MESTOR.INI to the [MESTOR] section of JAGUAR.INI. You may also want to use the new MESTOR features: some useful MESTOR script examples are given on these pages.


To uninstall JAGUAR LITE, just simply delete the JAGUAR LITE installation folder.

Setting up JAGUAR.INI

Even if you do not plan ever to create scheduled recordings, you should ensure that the following two definitions in the [MESTOR] section of JAGUAR.INI are in place:

  • the settings for the center frequency and bandwidth (SET 1000/5), and
  • the path (in our example, on the C: drive) to the wideband file location (SET C:\ SHIFT)

The default JAGUAR.INI that comes with the installation package can be found below. All comments in the INI file start with "//" so you can create a documented file if you want to test your own settings. Also, some example scripts are provided and you can just uncomment those lines in the INI file if you wish to use them. Always restart JAGUAR LITE after making any changes in JAGUAR.INI so that they can take effect.

Here is the default JAGUAR.INI:


// Uncomment any SET line below to activate that setting
// If you make any changes to this file, reboot JAGUAR LITE

// to apply the new settings

// Set 1000 kHz as center frequency and 2 MHz as bandwidth
SET 1000/5

// Set C:\ drive as the hard drive to save your recordings onto.
// If you use a hard drive other than C:\, change the drive label accordingly
// SHIFT keeps overnight recordings in the same folder

// Define an overflow (=extra) hard drive where to save recordings onto
// if the main hard drive becomes full

// Set your location, latitude, longitude.

// For exact coordinates, go to
SET QTH HELSINKI, 60.17, 24.64

// Set your own pre-defined frequencies to VFO (a memory bank)
// SET VFO 1130,1470,1510,1520,1560,1570

// For unattended scheduled recording, uncomment any of the following script lines
// See
// for explanations and more examples

// Extended (8 mins) top-of-the-hour
// TOH 21-05

// Short (2 mins) top-of-the-hour
// TOP 22-06

// Short (2 mins) bottom-of-the-hour
// BOT 22-06

// Extended (8 mins) top-of-the-hour and short (2 mins) half-hour
// TOHH 21-08

// Greyzone recorder
// SUNSET-30

Software updates

JAGUAR LITE is work in progress, and regular updates can be expected to appear from time to time on this page. Whenever an update is available, just replace the existing JAGUAR.EXE by the new version of JAGUAR.EXE.