Dec 6, 2015

Welcome to JAGUAR LITE: the world's #2 medium-wave monitoring software!

JAGUAR LITE is sixth-generation application software, to be used with the Perseus SDR hardware, covering the medium-wave broadcast band. The actual frequency range is defined by a user-settable center frequency – the default center frequency is set to 1000 kHz by default, with an effective recording bandwidth of 1.6 MHz (a sampling rate of 2 MHz) from 200 kHz (longwaves) to 1800 kHz (mediumwaves).

JAGUAR LITE contains some of the innovative solutions developed for its big brother JAGUAR. The JAGUAR LITE executable is extremely compact, approximately 850 kB, so it’s easily portable and can be run even from a USB disk. JAGUAR LITE has been developed with the C programming language.

JAGUAR LITE is an ideal application for both beginners and the most experienced top-notch MW DXers. Most remarkably, JAGUAR LITE can be controlled with a mouse but also with arrow and keyboard keys. Also, the user interface is streamlined to only show the bare essentials, nothing more.

In a nutshell, JAGUAR LITE does feature several innovative techniques and solutions which make your MW listening experience more productive.

Minimum system requirements

  • CPU. It's difficult to give a hard and fast rule but an Atom N270 based Notebook has long been regarded as the absolute minimum. If you are using a slow computer, handling 2MHz can be challenging but activating the SLOWCPU parameter in the SETTINGS menu (in the toolbar) can alleviate the problem. Also on slow computers, processor-intensive FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) based tools such as SPECTOR (channel spectrum analyzer) can pose performance problems. The recommendation is: Atom N270 (maybe just fit for recording); preferably something better for smoother operation.
  • RAM. A minimum of 1 GB. JAGUAR LITE requires a few hundred megabytes for some in-memory tables.
  • Graphics card. Almost any graphics card is suitable. 
  • Sound card. Required. The integrated sound chip found in your computer should be enough.
  • Mouse. Not necessarily required but a definite help in most cases. The operation of the program may be limited without a mouse.
  • Hard disk. Recommendation: Get as much hard disk space as you can. JAGUAR LITE works well with even the slowest 5400-rpm disks. If you have a laptop, you might consider replacing the existing hard disk by a 1-2 TB hard disk (e.g. Samsung & Western Digital). JAGUAR LITE is optimized for hard disk buffering and I/O syncing so that using USB2 hard disks should not pose any problems whatsoever while recording the 2-MHz wide spectrum.

The specifications above are suggestions only. JAGUAR LITE may run on extremely slow computers, too, but the performance cannot be guaranteed. JAGUAR LITE supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems (Windows XP and later).

Important note on anti-virus software

JAGUAR LITE (jaguar.exe) contains no malware/virus (this can be always tested on, but your antivirus software may slow down or even hang the JAGUAR LITE operation, especially MSE/Defender is known for this. To guarantee smooth operation, it is recommended that the user excludes the JAGUAR installation folder and the wideband file recording folder from the list of antivirus-controlled folders.


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